NYC Flatbed Towing Services

Need a flatbed tow truck in NYC? Look no further, Hook and Towing has got you covered for all your NYC flatbed towing services.

Flatbed towing in NYC is the best way to have your car towed. Of course there are certain jobs and situations where flatbed wont be most efficient way of towing a vehicle such as lost keys and others. However, if you want to tow your shiny exotic car we recommend using NYC Towing Services to have your vehicle towed.

We offer around the clock, 24/7 service for your convenience. We provide quick and reliable services, and will arrive at your desired destination as soon a possible.

You might ask what flatbed towing is. When you get your car towed via a flatbed tow truck in NYC our technician brings down the flatbed’s bed to the road where the car can be driven up or winched up on top of the bed. Then the bed levels flat on the chassis of the truck and it is them secured via straps and chains so the car stays intact.

Next time you need a flatbed tow truck in the metro NYC area; don’t forget to call NYC Towing Services.