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5 Must-have Tools For Any Towing Company

You never know when a person will find his or her vehicle totaled in an accident, sliding off the road into a ditch, or dying on the side of the road. No matter what happens that puts the vehicle out of commission, that person will need a company that can help him or her with towing in Newark, NJ. If you plan on becoming a company that can help tow vehicles, you need to have the right equipment on hand to help you with the various sizes of vehicles that are on the road. Here are 5 tools that you need to have in order to run a successful towing business:

Adjustable Boom Winch
Although the adjustable boom winch isn’t commonly used, it can be extremely helpful to get smaller vehicles out of ditches, over embankments, and out of other difficult situations. This tends to be extremely helpful when an emergency vehicle has a hard time reaching the vehicle. The adjustable boom winch is made up of a base, mast, winch, boom extension, and load hook. By hooking the vehicle, the winch can help move the vehicle where it needs to go.

Hook and Chain
The hook and chain is one of the most common equipment used by tow trucks. Someone will put a chain around the vehicle’s axle or frame, which allows the truck to lift the vehicle. Then, you can slide rubberized mats under the vehicle. There are lots of different chains that can help with various kinds of vehicles. You can also use a belt lift on heavy duty vehicles or vehicles that have been destroyed in an accident, but they can scratch up the paint on the bumper so they’re not typically used with cars or trucks.

Wheel Lift
The wheelchair attaches a yolk to the front or rear drive wheels. Then, you can raise the vehicle up using a pneumatic or hydraulic hoist. The yolk only makes contact with the tires, so it won’t harm your vehicle. From there, you can put the vehicle in neutral and tow it wherever it needs to go.

A self-loader is often referred to as a repo truck, quick pick, snatcher, or integrated. All of these names refer to the fact that it allows you to quickly get the vehicle and haul it away. This makes the equipment the most advantageous method to use if you’re repossessing a vehicle or towing an illegally parked car. It uses booms and wheel lifts to hook the vehicle and take it away within a matter of minutes.

Flatbed Truck
A flatbed is probably one of the simplest tools that you can use when towing. You may also hear a flatbed referred to as rollbacks or slides. The flatbed is located in the back of a truck and includes a winch to drag the cars onto the back of the truck. Put the vehicle in neutral. Then, with the hook in place, you can pull the car onto the flatbed and lock it into place.

When you have the right tools to help you with towing in Newark, NJ, you can be assured that you’ll be able to help your clients no matter what trouble they find themselves in. If you decide that you would like to help larger vehicles, such as semitrucks, there are other tools that you should have on hand. On top of all the tools that you need to have, you need to have the training needed to use the tools and the experience needed to know how to handle whatever situation may arise. As you use the tools and learn from more experienced tow truck drivers, you’ll have a company that people can rely on for their towing needs.

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